Jieni Kao (CHIA-YI KAO) is a Taiwanese illustrator (mostly specifying in watercolour) and foodie. She has a BA in design from NYUST, TWN and an MA in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), The University of Edinburgh, UK. Her works are often in a warm and bright colour range with elements of desserts, travels, daily life and love stories. Currently based in her hometown, Hsinchu, she is fully into illustrating a variety of stories for a range of clients in design and packaging markets.
For commission inquiries please feel free to email her at kaochiayi1202@gmail.com 
Jieni Kao (CHIA-YI KAO) 是一位來自台灣的插畫家和美食記錄者。擁有雲科大設計學士學位,與英國愛丁堡大學插畫碩士學位。她的繪畫風格明亮清透且溫暖,主要使用媒材為水彩,並從美食、旅行、日常以及愛情故事中汲取靈感。目前居住在自己的家鄉新竹,除了是插畫師和包裝設計師外,也經營同名品牌,研發各式生活小物。
Bonheur Cookie, CityCafe, Dian Yan Zhi, Film Holic, GoShare, Guppy Inclusive, IDN girl, Irene's Handmade Dessert, KitchBot, KKday, Korrnell Academy, Lloa Store, The Secret, TSMC, Uni Le Cafe, Uni Sunshine, Yu Pudding and more.
2022-Creative Quarterly 67: Winner, graphic design
2022-Creative Quarterly 67: Runner-up, graphic design
2016-Reddot Award: Best of the best
2016-TISDC: Honorable Mention
2016-Young Pin Design Award: Nomination
2016-TRANS-ACTION: Gold award
2012-Nationwide Students’ Picture Book Creation Award
2019-ECA Festival Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK
2019-Bookmarks: Artists’ Zine Fair, Edinburgh, UK
2016-Young Designers' Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2022~Now-Designer, STAR Academy
2019~2020-Designer, KKday
2017-UI/UX Design Intern, Yahoo
2017-UI/UX Design Intern, AJA Creative Design
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